The Foundation aims to solve organizational, methodological and financial problems regarding:

  • The consolidation of the Russian Cossacks.
  • Self-sufficiency in the economic and organizational development of the Cossacks, the development of self-administration in areas of compact settlement of the Cossacks.
  • The search of talented young Cossacks and the creation of the necessary conditions for their self-actualization.
  • The preservation of the spiritual and cultural values and traditions of the Cossacks.
  • The expansion and improvement of cooperation with foreign Cossack organizations.

The Foundation works closely with the Council for Cossack Affairs under the President of the Russian Federation and the Russian Orthodox Church.


Mikhail KreymerMikhail Kreymer: «We will do everything to help the Cossacks»

The Russian Cossacks have always been a bulwark of the State, an example of service to the Fatherland, a role model with an invincible spirit and the strength of faith. Any challenge the Cossacks had to go through was always met with honor and even in the hardest times that honor was the virtue that always distinguished the Cossacks from others....

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26.03  Генеральный директор Фонда М.Д. Креймер принял участие в паломничестве на Святую Землю

26.12  Заседание правления Международного фонда поддержки казачества

22.12  На территории России открылось первое представительство Международного фонда поддержки казачества

10.12  Делегация Фонда посетила Париж

08.12  Встреча представителей Международного фонда поддержки казачества и Объединения Лейб-гвардии казачьего Его Величества полка.